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Silver and Purple Christmas Door Bow London Essex Kent UK

Dual colour tailored door bows


We offer tailor made colour options for all of our luxury double bows.  This is a great option if you have a business and want to compliment your brand's colour scheme or if you simple want something a bit different at home.  If the combination you want isn't available in the colour options list provided, simply add your requirement in the notes section at check out or give me a call on 07799 34 7447 to discuss.

We pride ourselves on those extra finishing touches, so as we do with all of our bows, we'll provide a complimentary internal mini-bow to complete the look, so your door will look great outside and inside.

Easy to fit yourself, our bows come with complete fitting instructions as well as a demo video which is available on our blog.  


Fabric: 100% polyester

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